Featured Blogger: Kitt O’Malley – Art by Rob Goldstein

WOW!! Sooo THIS happened! You have NO idea how much Kitt O’Malley and Robert Goldstein mean to me! They have been some of the most incredible and encouraging supporters of my blog since its inception.

I have learned so much from them. This interview is powerful because its transparent and informative.

I simply adore them both….e

Kitt O'Malley

Thank you, Robert Goldstein, for featuring me on Art by Rob Goldstein as his November featured blogger. The original interview is posted at: robertmgoldstein.com/2016/11/06/featured-blogger-kitt-omalley/. Here I reprint it.

This month’s featured blogger is writer and Mental Health Advocate Kitt O’Malley. In this interview we talk about internalized stigma, learning to accept and taking up the challenge of advocating for change.

Thank you for accepting my invitation Kitt, it’s an honor to have you as November’s featured blogger on Art by Rob Goldstein

Tell the reader a little about where you are from and how that shaped your worldview.

As a child, I moved back and forth overseas (living five years in Saudi Arabia) and between the East and West Coasts. As an adult, I moved back and forth from Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, with one year in Eugene, Oregon and a couple of years in…

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