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Dear Journal,

Got on the scale a few mins ago, entered my weight in my @myfitnesspal app & shuddered at the steady increase from my first entry on Jan. 13, 2013 till now. I then thought about every maladaptive coping mechanism I had but my weight gain was the only one I couldn’t hide. And once I entertained that negative, self demeaning thought, a million other negative thoughts attempted to quickly overtake me.

Then my Creator interrupted the barrage of self inflicted negativity when he whispered, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made…”. Hmmm…I knew the address of the old familiar adage…but it’s what I told OTHERS. I mean, did that still apply to me Creator?

Then peace…this reassuring peace washed over me. A warm reminder to not only speak life over myself but that it was never my Creator’s intentions for me to be anyone else than what I was created to be. It was a sweet reminder that being different was not only hauntingly beautiful…it was incredibly necessary.



Originally posited 4/12/17 on my NEW Inspirational Instagram Page: INSPIRATION WITH E! Also on FACEBOOK (@InspirationWithE) & Twitter (@EAInspiration). Meet me there!
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