WORD ON THE STREET IS…”They Don’t Deserve a Backstage Pass”

Dear Beloved,

I know you’re smitten. This crush is deep. I see the way you look at them. You can hardly concentrate and the greatest wordsmith could never craft a piece to describe your feelings. Word on the street though is, “they don’t deserve a backstage pass“. 

Oh and the one you keep sharing your highest highs and lowest lows with? They’re not doing such a great job keeping your secrets secret honey. Much of what you’re sharing has been shared. They don’t deserve a front row to your circumstances. They don’t deserve an all access badge to your struggles. 

You however, do deserve better. Better, healthier relationships. Engagements and interactions that are as vibrant and as authentic as you believe that they are. 

Listen, we’ll talk more about it later. For now just be careful who you invite to the show. Beware of who allow to “Meet and Greet” you. There are those that are willing to pay whatever it takes just to have proof that you let them in.


The One Writing Rave Reviews

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Photo Credit: Featured Image: Pinterest; Additional Image: Creativecow.net

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