WORD ON THE STREET IS…”There’s Spinach In Your Teeth!”

Hey you!

You were walking so fast I could barely catch up! I know since you landed the new promotion, your schedule has spiraled out of control! I’m sure you didn’t see me when I was running for the elevator; probably had some big meeting to go to! I just wanted to tell you that the word on the street is, “you have spinach in your teeth!”

When I saw the toliet tissue stuck to the bottom of your shoe and noticed your slip hanging, I was trying to let you know but you kept brushing past me. Every time you turned your nose up when I tried to make eye contact, you had a bit of company in the corner of your left nostril.  Oh and you kept muttering to the gentleman trying to open the door for you, ” Out of my way peon!”, but it’s Leon. You remember Leon, don’t you? He’s the valet guy that changed your tire in the rain that day. 

Anyway. I know you’re busy. I sure hope this email doesn’t end up in the spam folder or junk pile! I had to let you know about the spinach in your teeth because since you hardly smile or talk to anyone anymore, it’s kinda hard to prove. I keep telling everyone you haven’t changed a bit…but that’s been kinda hard to prove too.


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21 thoughts on “WORD ON THE STREET IS…”There’s Spinach In Your Teeth!”

  1. So glad we’ve crossed paths e! Such a fun read 😀 I have to say, I loved how the whole piece flowed. Wonderful to read and I look forward to reading more! Cheers! 🙂 – Cavelle

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