GOD CAN…I CAN’T @EAInspiration #InspirationWithE


When I first launched “Inspiration with E” I was surrounded by people who only knew one fragment of my mosaic. They either saw me as ONLY a love poet @authenticiteespeaks, or ONLY a blogger at http://www.authenticiteespeaks.com or ONLY a mother or ONLY a singer/songwriter/speaker. A few still ONLY see me as the bass player’s wife. Wondering how I pulled the Worship Pastor’s youngest son or how he pulled the Grad student from Brooklyn. I have had MORE than my share of those who ONLY try to get close to me because of the artists my husband works with. Caught off guard by my down to earth-ness & even turned off when I don’t name drop or “take advantage” of connections. In my mind, they’re great people who I admire/respect but they’re HIS coworkers…not mine. They too, deserve people in their lives who don’t want anything from them. Imagine that.


Then there came @grindhardradio. “What? My own radio show? Nah. Not ready”. I wanted everything to be just right. I used to be smaller. Had a perfect smile. Skin was clearer and life hadn’t beaten the freakin’ hell outta me yet. I didn’t want to be in debt. I didn’t want to be overweight. I didn’t want to have a shattered heart in recovery & a brain with glitches. I didn’t want trust issues. I didn’t want health problems that interrupted my life. How could I inspire people when I STILL need inspiration?!



And then GOD began to encourage me to encourage others…right from where I was. ALL PEOPLE. To share what makes me smile, gives me hope, and breathes LIFE into me.


Yes. I’m glad you’re here. Nope. I don’t have all the answers but GOD can handle your questions. I say WE encourage as many people as possible and remind them that they matter too. No NOT RELIGION OR JUDGMENT. Just good old fashioned LOVE💫e
PS: It can still be a good day!
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11 thoughts on “GOD CAN…I CAN’T @EAInspiration #InspirationWithE

      1. You’re welcome, and thankyou! I haven’t had a listen to your podcast yet but will as soon as I have time. How long is each show available for download? Hope you’re having a great Sunday xx

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