Alas! The #WriterCrushSeries‘ final bow has drawn nigh! Every time I tried to write my intro for this last poet, I got a wee bit verklempt. I honestly tried to make it as concise as possible but there was really no way to skirt around a few details as to why this feature was different. See not only is this an exclusive (no really, he fought me tooth and nail); I had never collaborated with another poet until he invited me to do so over a year ago! Something pretty dope was birthed in both of us on Feb. 6, 2016 and our IG Poetry connection has never been the same. 

Though we’ve never spoken in person and we have no idea even which state each other lives in (true story), every formality has since been tossed out the window LOL! Even our kids know him by one of his many names, ‘Mr. Lyrical’! 

A great Dad to beautiful daughters, he and I look out for each other. We genuinely support each other’s work, cheer the loudest for each other when collaborating with other poets, pray for each other’s families and get on each other’s nerves! LOL!! 

Ah…But when we write…our art prevails and we write like lovers who have experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows. In short, you never forget your first.

Ladies & Gentleman…meet my Lab Partner… (Poem in full beneath photo)

Can’t turn a you know what, to a house wife/Can’t teach an old dog new tricks heard that all my life/Know what you’re getting into before things go too far/Know how to walk away, keep peace and not go to war/How many one night stands, lead to true romance/Don’t know his or her past, but yet take a chance/So many sick of love, so many love sick/Too many baby daddies pray the next one a good pick/Still in and out of clubs and over 30/What’s wrong with this picture go ahead and ask somebody/Life alone can be miserable/So it’s good to find someone compatible/Open up your eyes before it’s too late/Love has no boundaries, it doesn’t discriminate/

What you know about faithfulness/Is that one of the ingredients to happiness/What you know about giving your heart/Are you willing to give your all or just a small part/What you know about the word trust/Between the tr and t is us/What you know about sacrifice/Deeds done from the heart doesn’t have a price/

Our first piece…

He speaks…

Son of a preacher birthed from an angel/My circle so small I hope you get the angle/I’ve been singing since I came out my mother’s womb/Don’t be surprised if you hear me even from my tomb/Silently I write so that my voice projects/My thoughts my mind and heart among sacred objects/That spew these words since the age of twelve/A disciple walking with Christ do you dare to delve/Into this dark and well lit place inside of me/A friend amongst strangers am I what you thought or imagined I’d be/

He shares…(Poem in full beneath photo)

She moved on, but it’s like I’m in quicksand/It’d kill me again to see her out with another man/I can’t handle the pain, do I pick up a bottle/Do I smoke it away and get higher than a space shuttle/Do I pop pills and pray I don’t see tomorrow/Do I cut my wrist and bleed out the pain and sorrow/Do I play Russian roulette and pull the trigger/Do I jump off a bridge as if I had wings go figure/Do I tie a rope around my neck and let my body hang/Do I be a snake charmer and hope I get bitten by a cobra’s fangs/Do I pretend that I’m ok, my body frozen, but my heart melting away/Saying I’m not missing you would be a lie/Not having you has me waking up each day hoping to die/

Let it bleed…🔫🔪💣💉💊🚬

I choose favorites…

Then we write again…and again…

I asked him if he had a favorite piece of ours but his answer is always the same..he doesn’t. 

But I have one. It’s called ‘I Miss You…’ and we wrote from our guts as always…


I’m missing you in waves

Drowning in love lost so deep

I still swirl the taste of you 

Around in my mind

Savoring you like an apéritif 

And I don’t even drink

What you are made of 

Is such a rare breed

It’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted 

Experienced or seen

I understand why 

you’re no longer here

We both know that it’s best 

But knowing why I’m feigning 

Does not make 

my heart ache any less


I’m missing you like air, it’s like I’m on a planet uninhabitable/

Dying to breathe you in, but truth is me living is the furthest thing from inevitable/

I’ve injected you inside me and I need another dose/

Tried generic versions, but compared to your authenticity nothing comes close/

You’re fire under water, cut from a cloth no longer made/

The queen on a chess board and in a deck of cards the ace of spade/We both know why you went your way and I’ve gone mine/

I’m praying you’ll come back to me, hoping you pick up on my subliminal signs/


e Speaks…

Wow! What a ride! Well over 6 months of research and getting to know the poets behind the poetry so much better. Words cannot express my gratitude. 

Thank you for joining us here at and stopping by the #WriterCrushSeries Poetic Prophet!! 


IG… @poetic_prophet

Poetry, bio and photos included in this piece are the exclusive property of Poetic Prophet. Background photos via Google images. No copyright infringement intended. 


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Much love & welcome new faces!e

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