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September is #SuicideAwarenessMonth and I want to talk with you about it.

Suicide is an extremely difficult topic to navigate. It’s understandable that many are only interested in learning about suicide when it affects them, someone they know or a celebrity they admire(d).

Even then, the stigma associated with suicide or even mentioning it, garners hushed voices and huddled shoulders. It is too painful, uncomfortable and for several, too embarrassing to discuss.

Why do I raise awareness about suicide with an increased burden for communities of color and communities of faith?

Because as a woman of color and a woman of Faith, the silence is louder than the conversations being had…if any.

As a matter of fact I have personally learned of three people who died by suicide in the past week. I learned of the third one this morning. Though I didn’t know them personally, each person that passed away was only one person away from me. See… the old adage “six degrees of separation” does NOT apply to suicide.

Whether we want to talk about it or not – doesn’t matter. Whether or not we want to teach our children about it – doesn’t matter. It is still happening…and it’s happening more and more each day.

How did I land in this space of raising awareness?

Over 20 years ago, the Lord gave me lyrics to a song I wrote called ‘Ye Shall Live’. It’s based on Psalm 118:17; hence the Roman Numerals in my logo.

All rights reserved. Ericka Arthur

So for me this burden to raise awareness is not based on social media activity or inactivity. It’s my daily offering. My yielded response to a calling from God. A supernaturally imparted burden to help educate and save as many lives as possible.

Happy September Beloved. You’ll never know how much it meant that you took the time to read this…because it means…you’re still here.

Love you to LIFE💫e

Ericka Arthur
Greater Philadelphia AFSP Board Member | Volunteer | Captain of Team Inspiration With E

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*Inspiration With E is not a counseling service and this account is NOT monitored 24/7. If in distress/dealing with suicidal ideation in the U.S. please CALL or TEXT Lifeline at 988 (aka 800 273-TALK). TEXT the Crisis Text Line “Hello” to 741-741. Outside the U.S. visit: List of Worldwide Suicide Hotlines |

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