WHY ARE YOU HERE? | Managing Unexpected Guests In Our Life

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DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the lengths that people will go through to position themselves in your life when they THINK they can use you. HOWEVER consider praying and perhaps asking God WHY were your paths allowed to cross…no matter what THEIR motives may be. Are they a Psalm or a Proverb? A song and breath of fresh air or a lesson in disguise. Are they an answer to prayer or perhaps the counterfeit BEFORE the answer arrives?

You may have been EARNESTLY praying for an opportunity to help others however every open door is not your door. AND no matter how helpful you WANT to be – everybody is NOT assigned to YOUR caseload. Ask God to reveal ulterior motives…if any. A season? A reason? A lifetime?

I remember years ago I was at one of my husband’s gigs at a huge club/venue in Philly. And I was standing next to this young lady who overheard me say to the person in front of me, “Nah you’re fine, you’re not blocking me – as long as I can see the bass player I’m good.” So the young lady started asking me questions. She was like, “oh you know him?…Ohh so wait…you know (the celebrity) then!”

So we started talking and though I was HONEST in letting her know that – knowing the celebrity is NOT the same as having met the celebrity. Yes – this celebrity knows me by name and is very kind to me whenever I see them…but I don’t know them. They are my husband’s coworkers…not mine.  But her tone changed and she became persistent when she assumed the proverbial “six degrees of separation” had just been reduced in her favor. It was that night that she made a decision to target me and use me to get to my husband AND eventually the celebrity.

I even chuckled, shrugged it off and said, “ Lol nah this is not my world – you can find me leading worship at….”. TRUE STORY – she showed up at my church that next Sunday! Actually attended 3 Sundays in a row. Though I KNEW her motives were not pure I showed her nothing but love from a PURE space. Some plant, some water but God gives the increase. And as I ALWAYS say it takes too much energy to rock more than one face. So the same Ericka she met that night was the same Ericka on the mic. Yeah. Not what she expected.

However she was not the first – nor the last to target me in this manner. Eventually she left me alone – when she realized – things were not going down the way she envisioned. I’m grateful to GOD that she did not show up to harm us physically or stalk us or anything like that because unfortunately I’ve been stalked on more than one occasion.

Everyone does not deserve VIP access to your life. Pray about it. Like my Mom says, “the real will be revealed”. Love you to LIFE💫e

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3 thoughts on “WHY ARE YOU HERE? | Managing Unexpected Guests In Our Life

  1. My dear e, I don’t know how you made it back to my place today, but I’m so glad you did. Are you still writing regularly; I haven’t been receiving notifications. Anyway I’m glad to read your post today. It is interesting, and amusing how some people want to manipulate in order to get what they want.

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    1. Ms Oneta!! I miss you very much! The last few months have been focused on raising suicide awareness! I started an Inspiration With E YouTube channel and so now http://www.InspirationWithE.com also links to this website. That highlights all of the people that I’ve interviewed in an effort to raise suicide awareness in communities of color and communities of faith and help end the stigma.

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m so happy to hear from you and pray that you are well. And yes that is a true story LOL I agree with you wholeheartedly. Take care💫e

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