LET US PRAY! #SuicideAwarenessMonth


I’m really looking forward to prayer tonight because the more people that I speak to re: raising Suicide Awareness and Mental Illness, especially in Black & Brown Communities; I’m either met with GREAT resistance or EXTREME relief.

People are HURTING however I am clear that healing comes in MANY forms. YES! I believe in prayer but I also believe we are the hands and feet of God in the earth realm.

And so healing for some may be counseling, for another seeing a psychiatrist re: medication. Others may simply need a hug, direct eye contact and a “Good Morning”.

I support all of those avenues and see prayer as a way of blessing and supporting those who are ALREADY on the front lines doing the work as well as those struggling.

Join us if you can. Every Wednesday in September I’m joined by guest intercessors. And if you can’t make it that is OK!! No disclaimers needed! Just consider praying for us as we pray for others. Much love and make it a great day!🙏🏽❤️💫e


InspirationWithE #Prayer #SuicideAwarenessMonth #BIPOCMentalHealth #BlackMentalHealth #FaithBasedMentalHealth

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