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I remember being barren for the first 4 years of my marriage. It was a difficult time. My side of the family is small but I married into a huge, supportive and loving tribe. And Lord were my prayers answered! I mean like literally almost everyone had 3 – 6 children each. Just a kabillion of them LOL!

I can laugh and smile now. As a single woman; I remember praying that my future husband would have a big family. But I had completely forgotten about that prayer request to be honest. Actually I was so deeply in love at that time – it didn’t matter if my now husband of over 21 years, was an only child…

I can laugh and smile now.

I can laugh and smile now.

But it ABSOLUTELY sucked when we began to try to have children. And false pregnancy test after false pregnancy test after false pregnancy test…my GOD. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME????

It never dawned on me that it could be my husband, right? And it wasn’t.

But why as women are we automatically conditioned to absorb blame in a subconscious effort to cushion the fall of others?

No matter the matter?

I digress.

And instead – I testify.

If you’re new here – welcome. Here’s the abbreviated version.

Kayla was born 6 weeks early. 5 lbs 8oz.

Kevin Jr. was full term. 10 lbs. 6oz.

Kyle never got to see the light of day and is the inspiration behind the song I wrote entitled It Hurt Too Bad (Not To Be For My Good).

Not sure why the Lord would have me share this again nor why would he want me to share it at this moment.

But be encouraged. No matter what you have been believing God for.

After my last at home pregnancy test read negative I gave up. But my Dr. asked if she could do a blood test. Needless to say I was already almost 6 weeks pregnant with Kayla.

Sometimes under the guise of your life’s false negatives, closed doors and rejection – your positive results are just being better prepared to be revealed.

Because of Him,


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