Blessed day Queen…”

Jomo aka @Morprophet is an integral part of our Instagram Writing Community. A gifted writer and long time supporter of @AuthenticiteeSpeaks, he was the first man to call me ‘Queen’ online.

I couldn’t figure out why it sounded honest when he addressed me as such. Like hearing a hit song over and over again, the terms “King” and “Queen” are favored until the hype fizzles. Overused and oftentimes perfunctory they lose their luster and feel disingenuous. But when Jay aka Jomo spoke, greeting every woman the same way, it sounded different because he was different. It wasn’t until much later that God would give me revelation about his voice.

God revealed Jomo’s strength came from having survived many a storm; some, a result of his own choices. God gave me a peace that he was a gentleman. A kind man with pure motives. A man that God could trust. A man who had earned the moniker: King.

Jomo speaks…

My name is Jomo Moore also know to many as Morprophet through my gift of writing on instagram @Morprophet and to a close few as Murph. I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Trinidad and Tobago which the smaller island Tobago is my place of birth.

I came to America shortly after completing my studies at the high school level at the age of sixteen. Which was one of my best decisions because I’m now the head of a beautiful family. Which consists of my wife, son and two daughters. I’m a certified truck driver trainer and window tinter by trade but I also try to spread my wings in other areas as real estate to name one in which I’m a landlord. I love writing, gaming and the ocean – not just the shoreline but the deep; whether I’m swimming, in a little boat or a cruise ship I feel at home. My choice of music or should I say my favorite genres are Calypso, Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Rap and old R&B.

e speaks…

Wow thank you so much for being here! I am definitely a HUGE fan of your range as a writer!

Tell me more about your style of writing.

Jomo speaks…

My style of writing. I know of no other way to describe it other than passionate because when I write I put my soul into every word. I know that seems to be what most say but I truly do and so much that I said it all in these two lines in my poem titled Naked “ When you read if you can’t feel me in what I write. I plead with you to be blind to these words that I write”.

e speaks…

What are two of your favorite pieces that you’ve written and why?

Jomo speaks…

Two of my favorite pieces. Queen I’m not sure I could honestly choose one over the other to fall under the title of favorite because I put my all into each piece but I can give you two pieces and my reasons for writing them.

One is called How Did I Get Here? and the other is I Am Morprophet. How Did I Get Here was written as a poem. Which turned into a six piece series. I first wrote which is now the second insert of the series as a lone piece. After completing it as I have done many times before I read it to a friend for his critique. When I was done reading he said nothing. I waited for a bit then said, “say something already!” He replied, “I was waiting for you to finish. What happened before and after? It’s not finished. I know you can do better than this.” So I went on and wrote the other five parts that turned a poem into a short story.

Now the next piece I Am Morprophet was triggered or should I say was in response to a comment on another piece I wrote titled Hush Money. When I read the comment and realized whom it was from I was disappointed not because they disagreed with what I said. That’s their right but because they suddenly became a lie to me. Showing me that their garments were not a representation of who I thought they were but nothing more than a fashion statement.

e speaks…

Who/What influences you most as a writer? What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned as a writer?

Jomo speaks…

My greatest influence as a writer is life and some of my greatest lessons as a writer are to never force write or force a piece because if you do it will never be as great as it should’ve been. Always be truthful regardless if it’s your truth or someone else’s because there is someone that needs to come face to face with their truth whether good or bad.

e speaks…

Are you still working on your book? Tell me more about it!

Jomo speaks…

Yes I am slowly. It’s going to consist of short stories and poems. Few pieces that I’ve posted will be included but the majority will be of pieces I have in my vault and the rest which more than a few are still in my soul just waiting to be inked.

e speaks…

And it will be worth the wait I am sure! Thank you so much for being here Jomo! Be sure to support Jomo by visiting his Instagram page!


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2 thoughts on “MEET WRITER JOMO MOORE | #WriterCrushSeries

  1. God is good. What else can I say? This brought tears to my eyes Queen. For He spoke to me through you and the way you allowed my pieces to coexist with your voice. Is absolutely beautiful. Much much thanks Queen. Much much thanks.

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