“Is That Your Hair?” | Musings & Witticisms

I saw her with a few of her friends bouncing towards me after service. The only one attempting to keep eye contact though several feet away, I prepared myself to return her kindness with a smile.

As she drew closer and her smile grew wider she hit me with, “Hey! Is that your hair?!”

I blacked out.

No. Really.

Like there was this 10 second delay where I had the sermon I just heard in one ear and a “Heifer what did you just ask me?! Are you kidding me slew foot?! I don’t even KNOW you!!” in the other.

“No. It. Isn’t.” God musta answered her ’cause I was still looking at her in disbelief like, are Sistahs still asking that? Like no really. Are they? ‘Cause I really thought we weren’t asking each other that anymore. ESPECIALLY women that don’t know each other.

“‘Cause this ain’t mine!!”, she continued just a grinnin’.

I’m sorry, are you still talkin’ to me?? I don’t remember asking you if it was. I don’t remember you asking me my name. I don’t remember you even saying you liked my hair. I’m like for real???

I bore very easily and as a result change my hair often. Currently donning long, curly 1B/350 double strand twists (not seen here) for the last week or so I’m clueless as to why she would think it’s my hair my hair you know? And if it is or isn’t why are we having this conversation after church and I’m sorry who are you again?

Boundaries. Discretion. These things are important. So very important people. The blessing and quite honestly the sad fact is Im used to people doing theeeeee MOST when it comes to my hair as a woman of color. When my (naturally grown) locs (dredlocs) were so long they were touching my belt, I had a stranger touch my hair on an elevator. Huh?! Even casual acquaintances at work would be taken aback by my blatant “stop, drop, insert eye roll, dodge” of their creepy crawlers coming toward my hair. Like where is your home training? You’re a grown woman. I’m good and grown Honty. Why are you trying to touch my hair?!

According to the T-Shirt industry. Clearly…I’m not the only one🤔

You been there? Let me hear your voice…

Thank you for being here!


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9 thoughts on ““Is That Your Hair?” | Musings & Witticisms

  1. Queen E, I don’t understand that too. I even wrote about it. Has happened to me more than once, even with my natural hair that is sometimes mistaken for…”not real”.


    1. Omgoodness I can so relate Sis!!! Especially during my “permed” hair days. Would love to read your piece! Share the link whenever you can💕💫e

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Siiiissss!!!!! You already know how I feel about this. I was on a dating app (remember this is a judgment free zone people haha) and this brother asks me during a chat, “Is all that your hair, it’s beautiful!” Chiiile you know I blacked out and proceeded to say, “Nah I’m snatched bald… does that change your mind?”. I feel like if you grown enough to ask you grown enough to get whatever comes out of my mouth as a response, maybe even a slap if you touch me and a Namaste,Grace&Peace to wrap it all up.


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