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I absolutely cannot believe it’s April 1, 2018 already! But I am totally committed to seeing the March 2018 Writing Challenge through to completion! It has been fun, insightful and incredibly challenging to write AND post everyday. I am always writing but there are times where either my schedule prevents my ability to upload the post or what I’m writing that day doesn’t coincide with the theme.

Either way I’m so glad you’re here!! When I checked my stats, which I rarely do anymore; I saw that readers from ALL over the world still visit my site!!! It reminded me of the international blog party I threw a couple of years ago! Thank you for being here!!

Well, I’m going to share this writing prompt piece before I head out to church. Much love and prayerfully I can post at least one more tonight. Though I will finish the challenge, I do not want it to leak too much more into April. Let’s go!

Welcome to Day 28 of #TheLoveLetterProject Writing Challenge created by Marie of The Notion Of Love! If you’re just joining me, you can catch up on the rules here!

Day 28

To Yourself When You Can’t Get Out Of Bed

I think it’s so ironic that due to my delay in posting the theme pertaining to getting up when you don’t want to; falls on Easter Sunday. Though I have many readers and supporters who are non believers, I genuinely appreciate them honoring the Authenticitee Speaks Non Judgement Zone here (and it’s mutual). But as a Christian, Jesus Christ “getting up” is literally the crux of my faith.

But there are days when God uses other things to inspire me to “get up”.

Purpose is imperative! For some it’s the pitter patter of little feet depending on them; be it toddlers or fur babies. For some it’s to pay mortgage or save for college or an upcoming vacation. I’m personally inspired and motivated by remembering those who want to get up and can’t. Be it due to health issues or mobility limitations: the ability to get up is a gift. A gift to oneself and a gift to others.

Jesus Christ’s “getting up” was fueled by LOVE. Find what you love and getting up won’t be so difficult.

Enjoy your day! Let me hear your voice💫e

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5 thoughts on “#TheLoveLetterProject | Daily #WritingChallenge | To Yourself When You Can’t Get Out Of Bed

  1. It’s always so refreshing that, when I visit your blog, I always find something I need, a bit of inspiration I can tuck into my soul and take away with me. Keep doing what you do sis. Your words, the spin of positivity on these posts mean more to some of us (me) than you realise.. 🙏 Happy Easter to you and yours, E.
    Love, Nades ❤

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    1. I’m so glad to hear your voice Sis. Miss you and pray your Easter was beautiful too. Thank you so much for being here and…letting me know💫e


  2. Purpose & love = so important. We are all worthy. We can all give & receive love. We all have purpose. For those who can’t get out of bed due to illness (including mental illness), there is hope. Treatment helps. Reach out for help.

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