#TheLoveLetterProject | Daily #WritingChallenge | March 2018 | Day 7 – The One That Got Away

Welcome to Day 7 of #TheLoveLetterProject Writing Challenge created by Marie of The Notion Of Love! If you’re just joining me, you can catch up on the rules here!

Day 7

To The One That Got Away

Who are you?

An impostor?

A facade?

A mirage?

You absolutely do not exist.

Because I envision love so differently now.

I don’t chase after it.

I don’t run after it.

I don’t beg for it.

I don’t writhe around in pain because of it.

I don’t dim my shine to fuel it.

I don’t have to die so it can live.

What is mine – wants me.

What is mine – wants to be mine.

And that…that is so beautiful.

And I am deserving of nothing short of delicious.

There was a time I thought of a “you”.

I would’ve written sonnets and soliloquies

as though you existed.

But I honestly cannot see a face.

There is no longing.

No woulda, coulda, shoulda.

No what if.

You’re not invisible

You’re not a ghost.

You could not have possibly gotten away…

For you never belonged here.


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