#TheLoveLetterProject | Daily #WritingChallenge | March 2018 | Day 6 – The One That Continuously Inspires | ‪@RevDionneB

Meet one of my best friends; Chaplain of the Church Center for the United Nations in NYC and the first person of African descent to hold the prestigious position, Rev. Dionne Boissière MDiv.

Welcome to Day 6 of #TheLoveLetterProject Writing Challenge created by Marie of The Notion Of Love! If you’re just joining me, you can catch up on the rules here!

Day 6

To The One That Continuously Inspires Me

Funny. Once I narrowed down which of my many inspirations I could feature, I thought writing about Dionne would be super easy! But the more I thought about how much she meant to me, the more my heart and tear ducts filled up!!

Let’s see. Met in High School (of course I couldn’t put my hand on one back in the day pic), so we’ve known each other since we were kids. She’s an only child and my brother is my only sibling, so clinging to each other in sisterhood came easy. She spoke so highly of her childhood friend Tanya (Russell-Chambers) and classmate Cathy Gabriel that my respect level for her increased with every conversation. She was a beautiful, loving, loyal person who constantly remained positive. Not easy for a teenage girl but definitely the makings of a great friend.

We were a grade apart and met through our High School’s Gospel Choir that I directed and then passed the reigns on to her after graduation. Sidebar: She is humble but be clear this Sistah can sing her behind OFF!!! Do you hear me?!

I’d say we know eh…a good 99.5% about each other. Have been there for one another through the brightest of days and darkest of night seasons. Very few know all about you and still love you in a way reminiscent of God’s unconditional love. But if I had to liken a human connection to that kind of love, it would easily be the mutual exchange my sister Dionne and I experience in this fleeting capture called life. If you have this – do not take it for granted. It is RARE.

When I invited her on Season 1 of my Inspiration With E Radio Show – I had to hold back tears thinking about the blessing of her incredible nonjudgmental support, God breathed wisdom and friendship in recent years. And the more I interviewed this modern day Esther and she spoke of matters close to her heart; you could hear sincerity, passion and life experience in every word. From being a woman of faith and a woman of color on the frontlines of Social Justice Theology world issues to helping the local church thrive; you’ll understand why she is one of my favorite human beings. Click here to listen!

But as I sorted through photos for this piece, I realized more than ever that many shared my sentiments about my sister. I literally share her with the world while she is simultaneously holding her own world together. I am one of several closest to her that have experienced liberation and healing at the core; as a result of her willingness and tenacity to do the deeper work in our lives.

Dionne and her gorgeous and incredibly sweet parents. I love them so much. They too share her with the world.

Dionne, my sisterI love you to life. The tears that kiss my fingers as I type today are tears of deep joy, appreciation, gratitude and a full embrace of who you are. Though accolades and earned titles will always precede you, I treasure our homegirl, mask off, unbridled tongue moments that feed us and give us the strength to be the women God has ordained us to be in this hour.

Sharing you with the world not only makes me want to be an even better sister and friend to and for you; it makes me want to continue to be the backbone and resting place that people like you so desperately need. A place where you can just be you. Not a daughter, theologian, preacher, colleague, leader, friend or godmother. A place where Dionne can be built up after shouldering the wounds of wounded. A place where Dionne can be silent after silencing the cries of sufferers. A place where Dionne can be comforted after comforting the sick, shut in, bereaved, counseling people and preaching funerals. A place where Dionne can have oil poured on her in abundance for every drop drained from those who take and take and never give.

Thank you Dionne. Thank you for lending me your strength on the days you were scrambling for yours. Thank you for being brutally honest with me and challenging me and charging me to hold on when fainting. Thank you Dionne. From the bottom of my heart – thank you Champion.

I am GODLY PROUD of you and an honored to cover you in prayer as you pray for others.

So grateful to God to be able to give you your flowers…while you can smell them.

Praying God meets your every unspoken need and that He keeps you safe. I pray he supernaturally provides for you financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and heals you physically. I pray you are replenished for everything you incessantly pour out to others. I pray your discernment remains sharp and you continue to grow in grace.

On my everything

Thank you Sister💫e


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