Parched anyone? Land barren? Soul cluttered? Have you taken time to discern who/what is luggage in your life vs. who/what is really baggage? When’s the last time you quieted your soul? Sat still long enough without music or dozing off to recognize the sound of your own voice; minus disdain or background noise? Congestion is a hindrance to any type of flow. Any fount that constantly pours out w/o being repaired AND poured into will eventually dry rot. Ask me how I know.

So who pours into you? When was the last time you assessed the congestion in your life? Who feeds you? Who drains you? Who siphons gas out of your proverbial tank? Who thrives at their highest self at the mercy of your lowest self? Who does not have to be seduced, coerced or reminded how to love/want you? Pruning and the socially acceptable spring cleaning season is drawing nigh but shedding spiritual/emotional clutter is paramount for strategy.

Soul searching and self introspection has only further deepened my resolve to BE whole – not just look whole. I’ve been thrust into deeper waters with no life jackets or deep sea diving gear to offer. I have found those journeying in the same direction are already soaring below sea level.

What do you desire? Envision? If every social media platform faded away today, what legacy would you leave behind? Managing approximately 12 social media accounts, not including this blog and the suicide prevention organization I volunteer for – is definitely my doing THEEE most! Though I’ve resisted autobot apps to date and have recently discovered some incredibly powerful content – social media streamlining is inevitable!

As King Royale L’radin would say, “Where’s your checklist? A thought provoking day to all!”

On Twitter? Meet me @ EAInspiration for my new #QuoteOfTheDay series! Season 1 of my Inspiration With E radio show is on demand! Season 2 updates to follow! Welcome new faces!💫e

Photo Credit: My Brooklyn NY, Winthrop JHS, world traveling homeboy Aaron Watford @s0ldier0fl0ve in Thailand last week!


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  1. I had to prune. I can’t possibly manage a dozen social media accounts and make the content that give them life. I also need to have ‘media free time’ with my family. I’ve reduced myself to two social media accounts for the moment: Twitter and WordPress.

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      1. My decision to narrow it down to WordPress and Twitter is Trump and the #Resistance; using Twitter to lobby the House and the Senate or too participate in organizing events takes a lot of time and requires intensive networking. Once Trump is gone, I’m going to have the rest of my life back. LOL. But I’m learning a lot about online activism. So that’s a good thing. 🙂

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  2. Sistar…. I save up your blog posts and read them in batches. Lately I haven’t been doing a whole lot of reading, until today. Maaaan! It is really blessing me just right. And i feel like if i read these when you posted I would have enjoyed them, but I wouldn’t have fully connected to them the way I am right now. Thank you! Love you 😘! 👑💛

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