THIS LOVE THANG IS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN ME | Valentine’s Day | Musings & Witticisms

Valentine’s Day was a day I hated to see headed my way LOL! It was so bad Honey even the 😍😘❤️ emoticons were triggers ok?! Wait – for YEARS!

When I first started my IG page I had only been blogging for less than a year; so between poetry collaboration requests and dudes who didn’t know I was married tryin’ to holla – a popping DM was VERY overwhelming at times!! Instagram was definitely not the most comfortable place for an oft mistaken extrovert who was really an “all heart” guarded introvert with trust issues. Go figure right? But it wasn’t until I started receiving prayer requests from strangers – though I never made a declaration of faith in that space along with constant requests for advice on how to heal a broken heart – that I realized my tiny part in this huge algorithm machine of life was much bigger than me.

Though I wrote through it all, collaborating with some of the BEST poets in the IG Poetry Community; my healing didn’t begin until my best friend encouraged me in that no matter the DATE on the calendar, it was a BRAND NEW DAY to live, love, laugh and try it all again.

HEALING DIDN’T HAPPEN OVERNIGHT! It took some years but eventually that planted seed began to change my outlook towards a day I once hated to see headed my way.

Today I woke up with a grateful heart! Grateful for way too many nouns to list here but also remembering those who’ve yet to recover from the pain they’re in.

So no matter the condition of your heart today; know that you’re in my thoughts! If you’re happy, then I rejoice right along with you!! Don’t let anyone or anything steal your joy!!! But if today’s a toughie for whatever reason – know that you are loved and deserving of GREAT love!

To those that celebrate, Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day! Abundant blessings to all! New Here! | Welcome New Faces!💫e

Day 46 of 2018

Thank you for being here!


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