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I really wanted a photo of someone wearing crime scene tape wrapped only around their eyes, heart, or head for this piece! Anything to signify where most often, severe damage has been done. But I didn’t like any of the photos I found, except the one I chose to be featured.

Apparently the scarf pictured is (or was) a hot ticket item that could be purchased everywhere from Etsy to Perpetual Kid. I just knew that the model’s eyes resonated with me. They were strong, cushioned by a bit of a smirk and a “are you sure you wanna do this?” look. It’s as though she wasn’t wearing damage as a crutch or badge of honor but more so as an “Under Construction” label warning.


Under Construction warning labels would actually come in handy…

Some of the most life altering wounds sustained are invisible. But before we can receive whatever greatness lies ahead we MUST take time to HONESTLY assess the damage that we survived during the last injury. The one we didn’t bounce back as fast from. Adrenaline, pride, determination, denial and smiles mask some of the most painful “I’m gonna feel that in the morning” situations.

I’m not telling you what I overheard.

I’m telling you what I know.

I recently began positioning myself in all encompassing quiet spaces for one reason; only to find self introspection, without fail, emerges as the end result. I then chose to stop bucking up against the obvious and instead relish in each new revelation and in some cases correction, God is so graciously giving.

I am learning a lot about myself. Such as what my boundaries are, what my dealbreakers are, what makes me uncomfortable and who makes me uncomfortable. What I will not no longer tolerate and what I need. I’m identifying root causes and dissecting a myriad of intricate heart and mind moments and I love how healing is unfolding. Inner clarity is paramount but somehow we’re conditioned to always look outward for the new thing. I genuinely believe lack of self clarity only impedes progress and prevents us from reaching goals that appear to be within reach.

So why a picture with crime scene tape over the eyes, heart and mind? Because there’s so much that we can’t unsee and dont know what to do with – so we just stop. Stop living, breathing, thriving – but I say it’s time for stopping…to STOP!

How, you ask?

First and foremost be honest with yourself. If it’s survivor’s remorse; own it. Unforgiveness? Own it. Grief? Fear? Own it. Lack of direction or support; own it. I didn’t say claim it – I said own it. Be honest and assess the damage before you inadvertently do more damage!! Excavate your land before you try to build again! As Pastor Valerie Chaney used to say, “Prepare Your Ground For Due Season”!

And as I have learned to say…be kind to yourself as you do so.

Thank you for being here!


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