“He will remember when men forget”. I believe those are the lyrics. I don’t know. Can’t remember. Thought it was an old Rickey Grundy Chorale song but I’m drawing a blank. Anyway I was leaving an encouraging message for my household a few minutes ago in our family group chat via text. Ah the perks of modern technology and drawbacks of working overnights.

The 4 of us; my husband of almost 20 years and our now two young teens have been through quite a bit in the last few years. Pain; though a sign of life, no matter the form or intensity, will either stunt one’s growth or propel it. I believe we’ve experienced both facets of the spectrum. “But God is not a cruel God” is what I ended the voice text with. No matter what we have been through, God has a plan tailor made for us.

God is not a cruel God.

There are some things we say because we believe it and then there are other things we say because we want to believe it. I didn’t say, “God is not a cruel God”.  I mean I said it but I didn’t say it. That was a supernatural declaration that came from the depths of my spirit filtered by yawns and a frustration that my break was ending. I didn’t say it but I knew Who did.

Nope. Not gonna type a laundry list about what we’ve been through. Not gonna drop the names or details of every offender and in what order. Not gonna mention the people who have disappeared off our radar that only resurface if my spouse or I post something they don’t care for and they feel the need to make an (in their eyes) politically correct, spiritually smug unsolicited pseudo rebuke/correction/comment.

Why won’t I provide the gory details? Because it doesn’t matter.

See…what the filtered photos and perfectly orchestrated content on social media at times omit, is that everyone is going through something. Whether they tell you about it or not. Yep. EVERYONE. You tell someone about your 2 blisters and I promise you their 12 bunions got ya beat. Stay focused. Dismiss distractions. Reduce complaining. Allow God to heal the confusion, resentment and bitterness overtaking you. Please.

It’s only hurting you..not them.

Look, you have hurt others too! None of us are exempt, no matter how hard we try, from causing or experiencing pain! Whether it was intentional or not! So be reasonable…pick and choose your battles. Oh and here’s a freebie: everyone that doesn’t keep in touch or doesn’t respond to your texts, calls, emails or hints that only dogs can hear is a horrible person. Did it ever dawn on you that they too are inundated with life and trials of their own? So STOP. There is no sense in forever comparing scars, bumps and bruises when we can spend our time, energy and every ounce of our being encouraging, inspiring and reminding others that they’re not alone. Easier said than done…I know…but may I submit, so worth a valiant effort.

By the wayyou’re not alone Beloved. So if you need someone to talk to, I have a few *hotlines listed below.

In the meantime let’s pray:

God I choose to believe You. No matter the circumstance. No matter who comes and goes. No matter who stays because they haven’t figured out how to leave yet. No matter what the news broadcasts or newspapers withhold. Thank you for knowing all about me and still wanting me. How awesome are you oh God!

I pray for the one reading this right now. Bring comfort and remind them healing comes in many forms. It may be in laughter or in volunteering. Show them how to cope Lord. We have so many questions and yet so few answers Lord. Thank you in advance for peace, provision, healing, restoration and strategy Father. You are not a cruel God and it will all make sense one day.

In Jesus Name,


*National Suicide Hotline (US)
Click here for International Suicide Hotline Numbers
Crisis Text Line (US) If you don’t feel like talking and rather text someone: Text “START” to 741-741
Live Through This Inspiring stories of actual Suicide Attempt Survivors 
The Trevor Project -For Gay & questioning youth


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6 thoughts on “GOD IS NOT A CRUEL GOD

  1. I have read, and reread this, maybe four or five times this morning, and each time, I cannot help that the tears flow. Not really sad tears, but tears of “release”, sort of like exhaling pent-up stress and tension, in a moment of realization that, I am not alone… I don’t know how you do it, Ericka, but your words always seem to find their way to me, just when I need to read them most. You truly are a blessing, to me. (excuse the babble, I’m just a bit overcome with emotion after reading this blog post.) Thanks sis, for the energy you put out, it is positive, it strikes to the core and it is NEEDED!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my Sista….I feel your heart. Am honored & humbled and tremendously blessed when souls take the time to let me know.

      Hugs and Suga…e🙏🏽❤️


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