DEAR MIRACLES | Love Letter to Our Children

I surprised her with blue hair in honor of #AlopeciaAwareness for their final concert last night & let her wear a lil’ makeup for the occasion. I watched him getting dressed, whistling chord changes while buttoning his shirt and adjusting his locs now past his shoulders.

Being married to a musician for 19 1/2 yrs, I know how to care for musicians & creatives before their gigs. Ministering to them is finding a balance between leaving them alone in their zone AND making sure they have what they need.

I really wanted to pester these two before they hit last night…but I grabbed this pic as soon as everything was done.

I love you children with EVERY ounce of my being. Every single ounce. Please remain humble and don’t say “To God be the glory” with your mouths only but LIVE “To God be the glory”. Don’t just say “Thank you Lord”, show “Thank you Lord” by how you hone your craft & care for your instruments. Do the work. No free passes; as entitlement dulls senses and the anointing. Be kind to people, all people…as unto the LORD. Remain teachable; you can learn from anyone…be it what to do or even what not to do.

I just don’t love you, I like you and enjoy your company.

Proud of you.

Love your biggest fan & Sister in Christ,



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