Old school meets new train of thought. Yeah. Yeah that’s how I would describe our featured poet of this week. Joseph introduced himself as a music producer who was new to poetry but I would beg to differ. In reading his work, I discovered there was wisdom laced with risk that came from the heart. Sounds like a poet to me. 

One of my favorite pieces accompanied the beautiful photo above that he took:

Let me be your light..

When you’re feeling low

Let me to be your light..

When you’re feeling lonely

Let me be your light..

To wipe the tears from your eyes

Let me be your light..

To stir your passion deep inside
Let me be your light..

To comfort you troubled mind

Let me be your light..

When you can’t see your way

Let me be your light..

When your heart is heavy

Let me be your light..

When all seems lost

Let me be your light..

When the pain is to much

Let me be your light..

When you’re longing for a hug

Let me be your light..

When fear hits your life

Let me be you light..

When you hunger of my love

Let me be your light

Because you have been my light.. In the blindness of my heart.. as I was searching for your love.. because you could see that you are the light of my life..



And forevermore..

I love you.. My woman..

My light!


He’s a family man who still believes in the power of love in spite of life happening all around him every day. 

In his own words…

Songwriter / Producer / New to Poetry

I’m a producer, songwriter and I sing when I need to!

I’m also enjoying my challenge(s) and love to grow in my writings of poetry. 

I’m 58 and raising my 7 year old granddaughter in New Jersey. 

I’m looking forward to writing and reading the poetry of others.

One my favorite pieces (that I’ve written):

This Is On Purpose!!

No this is not a dream.. No not a fantasy..

As you’re engaging in your excitement from your head to your toes..

Flowing from the rhythm of your heart..

I’m opened to moving slowly with care..

I’m not in a hurry.. I’m taking my time..
There’s no rush to release your passion.. 

That surpasses anything and everything.. 

That your mind could ever comprehend..

I’m drown to your sounds.. I can’t help it..

Feeling your moves.. your scent..

As you’re trying to control your imagination..
But your seat belt is off..

Yet you don’t want to control this..

You needed this.. I had to give this..

There’s no fear.. No more pain..

No more pressure.. This is personal.. 
This is always private.. It’s only for you and you alone..

You might think I’m crazy.. Maybe I’ve lost my mind lol..

No I’m being very deliberate with my love towards you..

Baby.. My Love..

This is on purpose!!

Next favorite piece:

We’ve spent a lifetime fighting battles.. overcoming wars..

Yet the sound of your voice removes my pain..

That’s when I knew that your fight was needed to be over..

It was not about me anymore.. you needed to be respected.. 

and protected.. 
I can see your heart.. I can feel your pain..

So I asked for your permission to give you my best..

You said yes and told me in my arms you could find rest..

So as I held you tight.. you told me that I need not fight..
You gave me permission to love you.. hold you.. to touch you..

To allow my lips to explore every curve of your body without fear or doubt..

As we embraced our passion, every sound, every moan, each movement..
Yes.. You gave me permission to love you without condition..

No need to war anymore.. so we let our guard down..

That’s when our love came in and both of us knew..

Together we stand..

Together we win..

e speaks…

Thank you for joining us here at http://www.authenticiteespeaks.com and stopping by the #WriterCrushWednesday series Joseph!! 


IG.. joejam69

Email.. jles7@msn.com

Poetry, bio and photos included in this piece are the exclusive property of Joseph Stratton. No copyright infringement intended. 


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4 thoughts on “#WRITERCRUSHWEDNESDAY! MEET IG POET @joejam69 

  1. I’m so humbled and grateful for what you’ve done. You’ve given me the opportunity to write to one of you pictures and it sparked a flame that needed to be set. I know that I will continue to grow and learn from others. And thank you for allowing me to put music to one of your peaces.. it was an honor to do so.
    Much love to you always and forever.
    Joe 🌹🌹🌹

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