I’M A PRODUCT OF | #Poetry


From Mother’s breast

To Purity’s Treasure Chest 

To accepting a Love

That was nailed to the cross

“How archaic!” smug tongues

Jeer at my belief. 

Fast forward to life’s 

gruesome discoveries 

Unreturned phone calls

Unanswered texts

And let’s not forget 

DMs blatantly ignored 

though clearly seen.

Broken promises 

Forbidden inspiration 

Yielding rose garden saturation

In abundance pleasures unknown 

So desperately needed again

Yet remain foreign to me. 

Unfulfilled temptation

False hope positives

Given without hesitation

“Gimme gimme” take takes 

Bathed in consistent


Middle fingers high in the air

Grasping at faint expertise extraordinaire 

All while fighting

To still believe. 

Determined to survive it 

cause it’s the true highest 

level of consciousness

any human being can achieve. 

I’m a producer of this T H A N G 

Though NOTHING has caused 

me more raw pain 

and the damage 

is unbelievably DEEP

Some may see me as a victim 

but since my heart can still beat 

With them I opt not to agree 

I’m just a product of 

this thing spelled 

L O V E 

iWrite 4.28.16

***(Sigh) This is one of my favorite vintage pieces. Just a glimpse of some of what I’ve been writing over the past year but not posting here on my blog. Thank you for taking the ride with me. It nor I, am for the faint of heart.  

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