My heart is full and my mind is all over the place. It is racing a million miles a minute, but in a good way. I don’t feel worried, I feel needed. As though there are millions I’ve yet to meet who need what God has deposited inside of me at the disapproval of those who once knew me.

What’s that you ask? No. Not really sure what that means. I do know that I’ve spent almost two years publishing my journal on social media. Numbers increasing by the thousands on Instagram in the last 6 months while interaction with my core followers on my blog diminishing as a result.

My grammar and punctuation is still as suspect as I forewarned readers it would be in my initial post and consistency has been cloaked in obligatory life responsibilities.

I am different. My life is different. My household is different. My calling has not changed but it’s pretty obvious that my audience has. How God has enlarged my territory while I’ve finally fully embraced being an awkward, at times talkative, quirky introvert/borderline recluse is beyond me.

I’m finished chasing the familiar. Familiar faces. Familiar feelings. Familiar spaces. Not really sure what that means for me as a writer…with an audience. I just know I’m ready for the new thing.

Whatever that may be…as wonderfully scary as that may be.

Thanks to WordPress providing incredible statistics I know you’re out there. This website is visited by all walks of life representing several countries spanning the globe. For those that are still here…and still reading my work though you may not comment, I am deeply humbled and honored by your presence and support. It is CROWDED here on WordPress and the fact that something about http://www.authenticiteespeaks.com has caught your eye is mind blowing! God bless you and thank you for taking this journey with me.

That’s all for now. I once knew New and very much looking forward to rediscovering New once again.

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Remember YOU MATTER!

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2 thoughts on “I ONCE KNEW NEW

  1. Whatever is non the horizon for you, E, I know it’s noting but blessings love. The best of the best blessings await. And it would be my honor to follow your journey.

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