The saints were quiet 

when I needed to 

hear them the most. 

Judgement preceded discernment. 

Prayers an illusion.

Their presence – ghost. 

But it was those who 

rarely or never darkened 

church doors whose

faith was strong. 

They’re the ones 

who came looking for 

me, when I shouted

“present” during attendance 

discerning I was gone.

 Resuscitated by strangers 

looking for the familiar 

only to see new faces. 

My Authenticitee began to Speak, 

pain had pushed me 

into uncharted spaces. 

I’ve been both 

legalistic and liberal

Smoke’s clearing – 

balance now found

May I NEVER forget 

what it felt like

to be ignored 

so I can forever 

be an interceding 

voice for the voiceless – 

their unmuted sound. 

iWrite 9.4.16 @authenticiteespeaks 
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    1. Thank you sooooo much Sis! I honestly don’t remember. I scrolled all the way to the bottom to find it, but I’m on my phone. Will check next time I’m on a desktop!

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