MY #WCW IS A MERMAID | #WritersCrushWednesday

In my mind it was going to be a simple shout out. A hashtag of appreciation for an inspiration of mine. However every time I attempted to condense her Black Girl Magic, my unceasing awe for her pen and the impact she’s made on my life, I faltered.

That’s because Gina Phillip is uncontainable and ever evolving. She is atmosphere.

Even in her photos you can hear her speak. Her eyes ranging from joy, to sorrow coated pensivenes to serving notice that you’re walking in on a conversation already in progress.

Recently diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) Gina’s unwavering zest for life continues amidst waves of pain, uncertainty and her insatiable curiosity with the “why’s” of life. Some years my junior, her wit and wisdom far exceed any generalities associated with her existence in the natural realm. 
Already a lover of the beach and all things naturally regal, a once casual swim has now become life giving water therapy for Gina. Her writing, still a weapon of choice has moved from observation to musings of life rivers untold.

On her award winning blog she describes herself as such:

” I am from the heart of the Caribbean, the isle of Antigua; that place you’ve never heard of, “where land and sea make beauty”. I am a daughter of the soil, steady in my foundation. I am a wing unfurled looking for direction. I am a dreamer, a wordsmith, a life in motion; a reminiscer by design but a realist by intervention. Free will or fate..there’s always a question, and within all things there is purpose, reason and even uncertainty. But life is an adventure, embrace the journey..”

My friend, singer/songwriter/poet Kamilah Cyree and I were talking yesterday about two of our favorite Instagram poets. Life in eminor and Gina. We both agreed that they were powerful women who allowed the layers of their lives to weave stories around our frame like very few we’d encountered in years.

But Gina, thanks to our pre-existing WordPress connection, had already taken up residence in my heart; incessantly reminding me by example, that broken wings can heal mid flight.

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Photo Credits Gina Phillip. No copyright infringement intended.

3 thoughts on “MY #WCW IS A MERMAID | #WritersCrushWednesday

  1. So I am only now able to comment underneath this! But my thanks had to be said again. Truly I am enamoured with Authenticitee, and I cried when I read this piece. Because, when I began writing I did it for me. For what I was going through and experiencing and I didn’t imagine that it could be anything to anyone but me. Selfishly I needed some self love and I never thought about just where it would lead me. Nor, to whom. So I am thankful. Because what I thought would be linear has in fact come full circle. And I am absolutely chuffed to be your WCW because I know the world only keeps its brilliance because of people like you, E.

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