I’ve been quiet. Very quiet. 

Love poems have been my therapeutic weapon of choice on Instagram and I’ve been writing with a fierce vengeance. See I’ve been circling this space called for some time now, looking for a place to land. Taxiing if you will; just like the airplane I was on. There’s a different, intimate vulnerability I’ve cultivated here. One I wasn’t ready to return to. So I said nothing. 

It wasn’t my first time on an airplane. It had just been awhile. I wished my camera phone could capture everything I saw. Better yet, everything I felt.

I had just left home. Brooklyn NY that is. A trip to the East Coast I had been wanting to make for some time now; but not like this.

The view from the rear of the limousine following the hearse carrying my grandfather’s casket was somber and surreal. So I said nothing. Squeezing the hand of his daughter, my mother who lost him on her birthday. A widow for over 30 years, who was raised as an only child, tightly closed her tear drenched eyes in search of answers; so I said nothing.

The polite banter of others taking the hour and 1/2 ride to the National Cemetery with us gently competed with the rain against the window and Mommy’s sobbing. So I said nothing. It was very difficult when her mother, my Grandma and our pillar died unexpectedly. We were broken and numb that December day in 1998 when we made that same drive cushioned between dirty pillows of NYC snowdrifts in lieu of rain.

I’d not seen Grandma since that day. Pop Pop, my grandfather a WWII Veteran was getting ready to be laid to rest next to her. Resting together again. Sssshh…both of my grandparents were now sleeping and I dare not awaken lovers a slumber.

So I said nothing.

Sunrise December 18, 1920 – Sunset April 30, 2016

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Photo Credits Ericka Arthur for authenticitee speaks

19 thoughts on “SO I SAID NOTHING

  1. Truly God had granted us a good man and one of the coolest of freinds. “POP’S” as I have known him was truly there for me in some of my most crucial time’s and moments. His wisdom guided me through more than one storm. I believe his love spreader throughout our whole neighborhood, and because of this he is truly missed. Moreover, because of his heart filled wisdom and genuine love he will always be loved and unforgettable. My condolences, but he has returned to our maker. A job well done.


  2. So touched but your words….Ashay to the memory of your PopPop. He was truly a great man. Love and condolences to you and your beautiful family Sis.
    Love, Dawn

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