WORD ON THE STREET IS…”You’ll Be There Too”


Adulthood. A bit overrated eh? It seems the socially accepted window of time to run away from home has passed. Though tempted to run and hide or pack up and leave when life deals blow after blow; remember wherever you go, there you will be. Word on the street is, “you’ll be there too.”

For a moment, drastic changes can prove to be the hard reset needed to adjust one’s sails. However, there are some things that new career paths, new hobbies, new clothes, beaus or zip codes can’t compensate for. 

Once docked, unpacked, settled in and the novelty has worn off, we are still met with the resounding echo of our own thoughts, unfinished business and unresolved issues. 

Perhaps it’s time Beloved, for that quiet moment of self reflection. You know…that one box that’s never unpacked no matter where you go.

Love you to life🌹e 

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