I’ve been quietly introverting in my cocoon. Ringer stays off most of the time. Pen stays in hand all of the time.

Yesterday in one of those rare “ringer on” moments, my Sistah friend LiMarie Lewis aka Poetikmind, let me know that the piece I wrote called GOLD BUTTERFLY had also been reposted by the INCREDIBLE Eff Your Beauty Standards team on their Instagram page! They are known for encouraging all to embrace their body image thus confronting body shaming head on!

The photo that I used in this piece which I imagined caught their eye as it did mine; is GORGEOUS! Ah but as one relatively new to sharing my poetry on Instagram, it was overwhelmingly breathtaking to know their 257K followers may see my work too. I’m simply beyond grateful…

As I retreat back into my cocoon, pen in hand, I peek out only to encourage those of you who feel weary in well doing. As though you, your gifts and talents have gone unnoticed. I’m a living witness that there are times God will hide you on the back side of the desert to protect you from YOU.

Stop pushing others out the way to get to the mic only to have nothing to say and all your issues be on display. Waiting hasn’t and doesn’t feel good but when I think about everything and everyone I wanted in my life and God said, “no”, “not yet” or “not in that way”, I can appreciate it better…now.

I wrote a song years ago after we lost our third child due to miscarriage and it also referenced repeated heartbreaks in my life, some I admit were self inflicted. As a result of everything I’ve survived and continue to endure I can now say while relishing in His peace, that my lyrics still speak to me, “It Hurt Too Bad…not to be for my good”. Love you to life…even when no one is looking. Be blessed beyond measure & strengthened for every journey.

Thank you for your unwavering support & please never forget how amazing you are🌹e

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  1. “It hurt too bad – not to be for my good” that is the testimony of one whose faith is in Jesus. And congratulations on the wide exposure for the Golden Butterfly. Makes me think of Psalm 37:34 “Wait on the Lord, and keep his ways, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land…” While we are there might as well check verse six: “And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday…” That’s quite a bit of exposure too, isn’t it? I’m sure your reader who shared was being used of the Lord for encouragement to you.

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    1. Wonderful! I am blessed with such kind words of encouragement. I appreciate those like yourself who read/subscribe to authenticitee as I really do prefer introverting as talkative as I am lol!

      Abundant blessings & again I thank you🌹e

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