New Yorker @AaronWatford + Iceland = ICE COLD BROTHA


Today, Feb. 3rd is an International Holiday!! It’s Aaron’s Birthday! (Cue music, release doves) Oh, who’s Aaron? He’s my friend from Junior High School (JHS) that I’ve not seen, nor actually talked to since JHS. If you were to compare our bios, and life experiences after JHS, you wouldn’t think we ran in the same circles. Oh wait. That’s ’cause he runs and I don’t. Yeah see. Now that I think about it…maybe that’s why he looks exactly the same as he did in JHS, minus that retainer that kept him from smiling. No. Really. EXACTLY THE SAME.

The man is ageless.

So why the random birthday shoutout to my Zen, Clean Eating, Champagne Drinking, Extreme Passport Stamp World Traveling, Physically Fit, Pine Nut Chewing, Yoga In Time Square, IT Tech Saavy, Motorcycle Riding, Polar Opposite Childhood Friend?

 It’s pretty simple actually. How many people can say they went to JHS with one of their HEROS?  

That’s. Why. Yep. Pretty. Darn. Cool. I’d. Say…

Now wait (insert sarcastic disclaimer here) No I’m Not A Stalker, Nosy. Though We Also Have The Same HBCU In Common (I transferred after a year and we missed each other); Thanks To My BRIEF Stint On Facebook Many Moons Ago We Reconnected. No We Never Dated. No. We Never Liked Each Other Like That. Nope. Nah. He’s What You Would Call One Of My Brooklyn Homeboys! Word Is Bond Son! And we have a serious love for love in common…

I just wrote a piece about (venturing out to) live a limitless life called Potential a couple of days ago. As I live vicariously through Aaron’s insatiable thirst for adventure I see what it’s like for a guy from the same rough JHS and neighborhood we survived in the streets of Brooklyn NY, to travel the world. On his own time. On his own dime. It’s inspirational. It’s encouraging. He inspires me. I share his stories with my family. I’m now sharing with you. 

Here are his actual realtime  Instagram photos from today and yesterday. He’s in Iceland right now for his birthday! How incredibly breathtaking are these shots?!



Most people are afraid to dream big for whatever reason. Can we be honest? I admit. I am too sometimes. I’m guilty. I love God and I say I trust Him but sometimes I want to help him draw out the blueprint for the next game plan. You know. Cause I can see so much further than He can…considering I’m omni-nothing and all. (Forgot to insert sarcastic disclaimer. Sorry. Not sorry.)

Look. Aaron and I, though polar (bear) opposites and thousands of miles apart have found that the common denominator for all humans is still the same, love.  Here I am writing tons of love/lust/longing poetry and inspirational pieces and he’s constantly encouraging people to love and to live in love. He speaks passionately about how life is too short so we should just: LIVE IT

I’m shouting from laptops and he’s shouting from mountaintops; literally. 

Our love for love is strong. We are both on the battlefield for love. As I’ve said on my Instagram poetry page “I’ve been hurt by it, I’ve been healed by it, but….”

He’s a soldier of love. May I make a suggestion? I think it’d be pretty cool to give him a birthday present by checking out his new vision and venture of love. Just go to and maybe a T-Shirt with a simple message of LOVE this season will catch your eye❤️ 

Make it wanderlusterly amazing…

(In Aaron’s honor today, won’t cha?)

Love you to life,

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17 thoughts on “New Yorker @AaronWatford + Iceland = ICE COLD BROTHA

      1. Aww thx sooo much for that…if I told it all I promise you’d doze off mid sentence, wake up and hear Charlie Brown’s teacher speaking Lol!!

        The cliff notes are “Hallelujah Anyhow & Lord YOU Know!” On the creative side the poetry flowing has been very “grown folk-ish” but my Instagram followers get that quite a bit moreso than here now.

        The radio show has been fun, it’s very laid back & we cover a range of topics, however there is a language advisory I like to give a heads up out of consideration for my guests. We’re on break for the next two weeks due to the Super Bowl & Valentines’ Day.

        That’s about it, you’re awesome for even asking… I would cry but I promise you the tear ducts are empty lol!

        How are YOU?!


        Liked by 2 people

      2. You cliff notes leave me asking more questions haha. Oh, so you’ve jumped ship? I’m not in instagram so i’ll have to wait for your WP appearances. Great your show is fun- i’d listen if it weren’t for poor internet connections in our country home (as in rural). I’m well, thanks- been pretty inspired writing wise of late and all else good too 😊 no tears ✌

        Liked by 2 people

      3. LOL😂. I LOVE IT! I am sooo honored…honest! Thank you for even missing me. Now THAT is pretty darn cool😌 CyberBlushing… Content over everything. If it’s not coming from a place of authenticity, it won’t come from authenticitee…

        Oh LAWD. That was corny. But so darn. TRUE💞💞💞

        Stay well💜


        Liked by 2 people

      4. Aww of course I missed you- I love your positivity. Ha! I imagined your radio voice saying “If it’s not coming from a place of authenticity, it won’t come from authenticitee…caller, are you on the line?” hahahhaha. See you around x

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I am lucky,blessed, honored and loved…this trip to Iceland is considered a rebirth as I’ve had some serious rough patches especially with relationships so I’ve decided to invest in a relationship with myself. So far it’s been one hell of a journey. Thanks to all and most of all thanks E…you are a Godsend. #soldieroflove

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Happy Birthday and re-birth Aaron! Glad you’re out the other side of a rough patch – investing in a relationship with yourself is a positive step! Hope the beauty and re-birth of the trip keeps you coasting through the rest of the journey!


  1. So beautiful a tribute and so accurate! I’m from Chicago and was blessed to meet Aaron 9 years ago in Punta Cana DR on one of his many travels. I loved his spirit and loving energy instantly and have claimed him as my Brooklyn/DR brother ever since! He is truly an all day soldier of love! Thank you for sharing your love for him publicly. He deserves it all!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Y’all trying to make me cry again. I’m seriously so honored. I’m simply a brother that views the world through the eyes of love. It’s been an amazing journey as I have stumbled but love always makes me get up. I’ve been granted the gift of life and I want to continue so show my thanks by giving my gift to everyone that touches me, it’s the gift of love.

      Liked by 1 person

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