Where would you go if no one would know and no one could tell you no? I would go here. This would be a perfect spot to go, clear my head and lay before the Lord undisturbed; in an underwater hotel suite. Well for starters anyway. I’d certainly go there tonight…alone. 

I wouldn’t just pick up and leave because I don’t know how to do that. I’d leave all type of “Mommy” instructions and remind them Dad had a gig tonight. Then I’d call my Mom just to give her a heads up so she wouldn’t worry. Then I’d text my Mom in Love (we don’t say “Law” in the family, that’s a no-no) to give her a heads up. Then I’d text a few friends to let them know I’m gonna be outta pocket…

What does that have to do with potential?

Not quite sure. 

Maybe if we weren’t limited by or restricted to certain parameters or constructs we would soar so much higher. 

We’d soar

I’d go there tonight. If I weren’t bound by logistics or limits of any kind. Take the limits off. Off God. Off of you. 

There. I provided the ribbon. Now you tie it into a bow.  🎀e

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15 thoughts on “POTENTIAL 

  1. Erika, I would prefer the opposite extreme. Obviously I am not claustrophobic since I rather be in a snug and cozy breakfast room -Windows on one side only. That’s today; tomorrow might be different.

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  2. Food for more than thought. I feel like this is a challenge, a call to action of some kind. Because those limits you mentioned has me so….. 1 dimensional in thinking. Ugh, now I’m wondering.

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    1. Awww I hear ya! And I can’t swim…I’m thinkin’ it’d be super serene….zero thoughts about it… I’d just go. Cause if I REALLY start thinking about all the details…I wouldn’t want the fish “peeking” at me lol. All inhibitions would have to be gone…💙

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      1. Hahahaha. Yes, throw all the thoughts out the window. My husband always says to me, “That’s right Staci, first freak out, then think” Hahaha. He’s so funny. He knows me too well. I do freak out before thinking and I do tend to think of the worst. You’ve got the right attitude. Just don’t think about it. Hahaha.

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