I Was Gifted By You | Thank You @Robrt_M_Goldste!

authenticitee was declared an award free blog several months ago. For readers unfamiliar with that term, it simply means though grateful for awards and nominations, a blogger gracefully bows out of the running.

Last night I got more than an award from Robert Goldstein. He actually created his own ‘Respect’ award to celebrate bloggers that have earned his respect…and I’m one of them.

Robert made it clear that there was nothing required, requested or wanted in return but I wanted to cry aloud and spare not. You see, I can’t describe how special Robert, his blog and artwork are to me. You may have remembered me writing about him before. God uses him to speak life to matters that lie dormant in me at times and very often, at the right time.

Thank you for the honor Robert, for you have gifted me and in return…I humbly give thanks💘e

Please click the highlighted links above if you’ve not done so already and show this perfect gentleman some love.

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