Our Son of Color

I see how you look at me

Out the corner of my eye

Saying I don’t need the makeup

I’m applying…

Well I see how they look at you

Out the corner of my eye

Thinking you don’t belong

Son of Color

They’re  L Y I N G


When you hold my hand 

Mine’s so small

Yours is almost

A covering 

Not wanting to let go 

I’m left wondering 

How much longer 

I can cover you

From what’s hovering

For 9 months I carried your promise;

Your weight, brown skin and loud 

Voice set the earth realm afire

I remember the first time 

You looked up at me 

Latched on for nourishing

You now look to me for answers 

Discerning times are DIRE


We’d been entrusted with a gift

A responsibility 

A risk

Raising a Black Male in America

Your Father and I

Accept the honor 


11 yrs and a half now in this thing 

There are times when I 

Reach for your hand

You recoil and find it embarrassing 

My infant’s now a young man

I hold tears back

The mother’s universal language 

That express e v e r y t h i n g


Honoring your evolving

I try to relinquish my grip

From Prince to soon coming King

You’re transitioning

At times you’re conflicted  

I feel your stare, admiration 

Nuances of dependency coupled with

Respect unwavering


I wail at the wall for you my Son

When on the news I hear 

Their names called I stand still

Tamir, Mike, Eric, Trayvon

Tywanza, Pastor Daniel

Pastor Clementa and

Growing up Grandma 

Spoke of Emmett Till

Assigned to my womb for a reason 

Aware of the vapor we share 

I can’t help but hold you tight

Assigned to your life for a season 

To love, teach, nurture, pray for

And empower you

On this tumultuous journey 

Called life 


I try to remember my place

As just a vessel chosen to 

Carry your GREAT 

Sometimes weary trusting 

God Our Creator

Me loving you deeply

Him loving you greater

Us introducing you 

To Him by faith

Son of Color

Never retract 

Continue to march

Hold your head up high

Be humble 

Yet confident

Of your worth

Never question our support 

With you our allegiance lies

Both in Heaven and on Earth


I’m proud to be your Mother

You’re our only son in this realm

Seize every opportunity to learn

Then every moment, our story to tell 


Unashamed of our skin, shades, hues

And stories of survival 

Shaping our stature

I recognize the royalty in you

Your father’s namesake 

Our Son of Color

Whose hand I want to always hold

My dream come true

Son of Color

You’ve got our permission 


With integrity no good thing withhold

Never forget your roots 

Color outside the lines

Honor God


Dream Big 


By all means




© Ericka Arthur and authenticitee, 2015

Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Ericka Arthur and authenticitee with appropriate and specific direction to the original content

Photo Credit: Ericka Arthur except 4th photo (Credit:Twitter)


  1. Beautiful tribute. Our sons always believe their mothers are the most beautiful woman in the world. For a while they will pull away in public but then one day they will again take your hand in public. Last time I saw my son he stood in front of his Sargeant and said “Permission to hug my mother goodbye, sir?!” Can’t go wrong lovin our boys.

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  2. Heavenly inspiration! Thank you for never holding back, thank you for giving us words to articulate our hearts. Blessings. Passing it along now!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for that! I really appreciate your not only reading but taking the time to let me know you were here!




  3. if you ain’t the truth, then i don’t know who is. if more young brothers had a mother like you, then believe me things would be a whole lot different. you took it black and brought the soul. Brother is feeling that.

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    Love and miss y’all, give the young prince and the young queen my love….

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  5. Once again through tears I read and take in your brilliance Eri! THANK YOU for sharing your heart and the truth in BOLD and in love. I too stand with you on the wall praying for my precious and amazing godson…for his life and his thriving. As we also stand together praying for his sisters by blood, in Spirit and all those precious sister souls whose skin God created that have been kissed by the sun. Ashe and Amen. Love you to life sister!

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      1. It’s a poem of love and spirit. Hillary was ridiculed for saying that it takes a village to raise a child but I think she was right.

        Your Sons safety is my Sons safety.

        We need to pay as much attention to preserving the lives of our children as we do to preserving our so-called wealth.

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      2. I do not take your words of life lightly and Omgoodness you reblogged it! That is an absolute honor…beyond grateful. Thank you for your kindness & sharing my piece with your sphere of influence.

        Blessings Robert!


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      1. Dear e, I have been receiving e-mail of comments on this blog. I’m always happy for you. That is a sign of how wonderfully well you put your heart and soul into this poem of concern about your son. I’m glad many are letting you know you have a very special place in our hearts. Keep faith, keep firm, keep joy. The vast majority of all our kids come out okay. He is blessed to have a mom like you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aww thank you SO much for that. I’m so grateful. I really am. I do NOT take words of life lightly at all.

        Be blessed beyond measure,


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