POETIKMIND SHINES | authenticitee Spotlight Moment!

LiMarie Lewis aka POETIKMIND on her 10th Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal 2015


Beautiful inside and out, Plus Size Model, blogger, vlogger and spoken word artist LiMarie Lewis, is living her life like its golden…even on rainy days.

We met on my birthday, April 14, 2006. I had just gotten off stage singing lead and background vocals on a song called I Love You Jesus for The Ambassador’s live taping!!

It was a fun, family affair (he’s my cousin by marriage) and packed with tons of super talented artists & familiar faces in the Holy Hip Hop community!

At the end of a long night of great live music, Poetik and her incredibly supportive and talented husband Ant approached me. She introduced herself and Ant and then asked if we could take a picture together.

She began to speak words of life over me and encourage me as though her life depended on it! She then told me about their music ministry. When I learned about their working together as husband and wife, I couldn’t wait for a chance to hear them rock live!! They never disappointed!! Her poetry and his rapping together just worked. They just work.

Love those two.
Having just recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day has come and gone…again. As stunning as she is, it’s not unusual for her to deal with shade and hateration.

Mean looks and unfortunately catty comments from other models at photo shoots come from those wishing they were in her shoes. We must be very careful about coveting and being envious of people. You don’t know what they did to get what (or who) they got and what they’re doing behind closed doors to keep it! We must also refrain from judging books by their covers. Poetik is one of the coolest, humble and kindest sistahs I know. A diamond like no other.

As a matter of fact, those who glare at my gorgeous friend Poetik, wishing they were in her shoes, would never know that behind her flawless smile is a woman who’s brain tumor challenges have impeded her fertility. Yes…another Mother’s Day has come and gone and POETIKMIND STILL SHINES. She shares more about that in her transparent piece, A Raw Moment.

I love my Sista Poetik. Though we’ve been friends since 2006, my moving from the east coast actually brought us closer. We took for granted being able to see each other at anytime and now appreciate each other even more! In an effort to not lose touch, it’s safe to say our texting is outta control LOL! She’s a well rounded Queen with layers of life and incredible potential within the scope of her being. I can’t wait to see what God will do in her life next! Its an honor to shine a spotlight on her because she is one of the most supportive people in my life.
Help me celebrate this Sista who shines…even on rainy days!
Please check her blog out too!
Love yall,

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11 thoughts on “POETIKMIND SHINES | authenticitee Spotlight Moment!

  1. what a beautiful tribute to your friend! and as you so rightly say, never be envious of anyone, you don’t know their stories. Great post dear!

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  2. Sweet sister Poetikmind… Beautifully shining🌟⭐️💥💫✨bright!!! thanks e for the loving glimpse into her life. Will now have time to read more of her blog. Thx for the links!

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