These last two weeks have been a blur! My birthday was April 14th and the love has not stopped pouring in. Blogging University Writing 101 has been awesome and I’ve met some great people there.

I can truly say that I am BEYOND blown away by the appreciation, encouragement and recognition, my 4 month old blog has received! Still soaring from the Liebster Award I was nominated for a few days ago by the stunning Gina, I’ve just been nominated for not one but two Versatile Blog Awards in the last two days!

The first nomination came from the beautiful Sabrina and the second from the beautiful Sherina! Their names are highlighted for a reason!

implore thee, whenever you get a spare moment, please check out the three aforementioned blogs…you will not be disappointed!

That being said, it’s official! I’m so overwhelmed by the AMAZING back to back recognition; my introvertedness has been triggered! (that is a word by the way, well depending on who you’re talking to lol). I can feel myself retrieving back into my turtle shell of safety because I don’t do very well on the receiving end of recognition. I’m more comfortable giving than receiving. There is no pressure to accept these awards as we know, but I am very honored and humbled to do so!

That being said, I will graciously bow out going forward, to make room for the thousands of unrecognized voices out there! I hereby declare authenticitee an Award Free blog! A million thanks you’s & cyber bear hugs to my incredible readers and supporters. You are honestly THE BEST.

So let’s get started! You know I like it a wee bit edgy at times, so instead of nominating just a few others as requested, I’d like to turn this into OUR PARTY!  

This is the first Blog Party I’ve thrown and I’m SUPER excited! No cliques here! All are welcome! This is a Shade Free Zone! The blog party is a sweet idea and I’ve been invited to & attended some great ones hosted by AMommasWiew and Princess Kick A$$!

Be sure to check them out too!

I’d like to #PayItForward by opening up the comment section below for you to post 2 things! #1 The country/island you’re blogging from and #2 a short link to one of your favorite posts you’ve read on someone else’s blog

**Feel free to reblog this and share with others so THEY can have a moment to shine as well!**

Finally…(Drumroll please!) I’ve combined my responses to both Versatile Blog Award Nominations below!  Thanks again & enjoy!

7 Things About Me


1- Married to a professional musician for 17 years and yes I have stories for days Lol!

2- We have two children, a 13 yr old girl & an 11 yr old boy. Our miracles!

 3- I’m a singer/songwriter who prefers to sing live than record in a studio any day. Studio recording stresses me out!

4- I’m a #SapioLexophile and am probably the only one using that contrived hashtag on Twitter LOL!

5- I’m just returning to social media after a 5 year hiatus which is why I’m only on Twitter with zero interest in FB & IG!

6- Love to laugh! The wittier and more clever the better!

7- I’m a relatively new volunteer Suicide Crisis Hotline Counselor!

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