I am genuinely beyond thrilled to be nominated for the Liebster Award! A nomination that truly caught me off guard! I’d love for you to meet the gem that nominated me! Gina of TheGinnyDiaries! Her writing is as mesmerizing as her eye for beauty which she flawlessly captures in photos! Please be sure to visit her site and prepare yourself to be smitten!



Here are her questions tailor made for her nominees and my heartfelt responses! Thank you so much for reading. I’m so glad you’re here. Be sure to check out my nominees below too!


1] What accessory/item could you not do without? Corrective lenses

2] What is your favourite meal? Um yeah…Momma can’t quite narrow it down. 

3] What is your favourite catchphrase/go to saying? I have quite a few but am known for saying emphatically, “Sir!” or “Ma’am!” If someone is wearing me out or says something out the side of their neck (urban vernacular)

4] What would you be caught dead wearing? Timberlands to church

5] If there was one world change (past, present or future) which you could enact, what would it be? I have a burden for the ignored, hurting, voiceless and overlooked. I am very serious about eradicating suicide, self-harm and the stigma surrounding survivors one person at a time. It may not take a movement per se because mass agendas tend to become blurry, but rather individuals moving ON it. Oh..Hey, here’s a thought…let’s start by asking someone how they’re doing, giving them direct eye contact and actually wait for the answer (sheer genius)

6] Where in the world would you like to be, right now in this moment? In a space where all dross is burnt off every area of my life, every prayer prayed answered and every dream manifested. I then turn around and help someone else experience the same thing and more. 

7] If you could be completely honest to anyone at all, what would you say? I already am. With the only One who knows all about me and still wants me. It’s called prayer. 

8] What’s the best thing you’ve ever read, heard or said (choose all, or one)? Read – something about Malcolm Gladwell’s phrasing in his books, I find simply captivatingHeard – #1 The Gospel of Jesus Christ. #2 After being married and barren for four years, “Mrs. Arthur you’re very pregnant!”.                                     Said – I Do” 17 yrs ago

9] What is the silliest thing you’ve ever done? Ahhh they say confession is good for the soul but bad for the reputation…so I digress. Albeit the opinions of other mere mortals will vary on what that may be.

10] Why do you blog? The reason I journeyed into this sphere was captured in my very first postHowever it has also since evolved into a space where I can give others a voice too; e.g. Interviewing fellow musician wives such as Lori Smith. Her husband is Common’s DJ, so highlighting her story was fun and insightful!

 My Nominees 





Smiley Like I Mean It

and the Liebster Award Rules

Each nominee must have under 200 followers. (I did not have time to confirm the # of followers. No pressure to accept the award. Just know that I think your blog rocks!)
Thank and link to the nominating blog.
**Answer their 10 questions and propose 10 new ones for your nominees. (I’m going to freestyle here a bit and ask that you answer the same questions I did)
Nominate a few blogs and tell them that they’ve been nominated.
Write a post containing the questions.
Include these rules in the post.

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